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Replacing consumable parts on the UPS



Ensuring the continued reliability of your Critical Power equipment during its lifetime

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The components of each UPS system are designed to operate reliably during the product’s normal life cycle, in the electrical environments and environmental conditions stated in the installation and operating manual.
To reduce the impact of ageing on your system, which could affect the efficiency and availability of the installation, it is vital to carry out a periodic preventive replacement of parts subject to wear and tear such as fans and capacitors.


When a replacement is recommended?

The preventive replacement is recommended by the following years of operation:
• Fan : 4 years
• DC capacitor: 5 years
• AC capacitor: 7 years
Fans and capacitors must be replaced by qualified personnel only. Only SOCOMEC personnel are authorized to make recommendations for any replacement parts. Capacitor & Fan lifespan is subject to change if environmental conditions are abnormal or harsh for the equipment.



 Key points



 • Preventive replacement of consumable    • Prevents UPS instability and malfunctions 
 • Original spare parts    • Avoids risk of system breakdown
     • Saves downtime costs