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Thermal imaging for electrical inspection of UPS



High resolution preventive and predictive maintenance of UPS

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Socomec’s Thermal imaging service involves electrical inspection in checking the components of your electrical installation using special infrared equipment.
Infrared cameras are used to detect and photograph infrared radiations produced by warm objects, thus enabling an object’s temperature to be analysed in a non-invasive way and with a high level of precision. in this way it is possible to perform a preventive diagnosis of breakdown risks by analysing the temperature of components including transformers, electrical switchboards, power factor correction systems, distribution cables, protection devices, isolators, UPS, converters, and batteries, etc.


A preventive diagnosis service from a specialist manufacturer

A comprehensive thermographic diagnostic service for uninterruptible power supply systems (distribution and components) Maximising the overall effectiveness of an installation means above all optimising its availability by increasing its reliability (MTBF, mean time between failures) and reducing repair times (MTTR, mean time to repair). Using thermography it is possible to check active installations and rapidly identify critical situations affecting energy distribution and electrical components (loose or corroded connections, load imbalance, overloads, presence of harmonic currents).




 Key points



 • Complete check-up of your low voltage installation    • Increased equipment availability and reliability
 • Wide range of components can be analysed    • Reduced downtime costs
 • Identification of malfunctions that would not be possible      • Optimised service lifetime of equipment
   through simple visual inspection    • Reliable estimation of expected remaining service life of 
     • Increased MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures)