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LINK-UPS remote monitoring system


24/7 monitoring UPS

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Business Continuity, a crucial aspect for Mission Critical infrastructures, is ensured by a UPS which avoids data losses and downtime. As any other machine, the UPS is not faultless and unpredictable anomalies could affect its performance, impacting negatively on your business.

How do you make sure your business is continuously protected by your UPS and what can you do to minimize the risks of downtime?

LINK-UPS is the new Socomec remote monitoring service designed to provide IT and Facility
Managers with 24/7 support to ensure the ongoing performance, efficiency and safety of their
critical infrastructure and avoid costly downtime.
LINK-UPS provides a permanent connection between the internal monitoring system of any
Socomec installed UPS and the nearest Socomec Service Centre.



 Key points



 • Automatic anomaly detection    • Continuous monitoring of your equipment’s performance 
 • Proactive diagnostic      • Problem prevention
 • Optimised troubleshooting    • Reduced Mean Time to Repair 
 • UPS battery monitoring system    • Increases system availability
      • Saves downtime costs





If an anomaly occurs in your UPS, the system will automatically notify the nearest Socomec Service Centre.
A specialist Service Centre engineer will carry out a diagnostic check by remotely accessing the parameter dashboard and perform the most appropriate corrective action.

LINK-UPS report

LINK-UPS monitoring system keeps you updated about the operating status of your UPS, providing you with regular reports and technical recommendations for improving the quality of your system.